Colorado Blue Spruce

The needles on the Blue Spruce can vary from a blue to a light green. The sturdy branches are excellent for holding heavy ornaments. 

Frasier Fir

Since these trees thrive in a mountain climate, we harvest our Frasier Firs at a farm in North Carolina just after Thanksgiving. They are available at our farm during the first weekend of December.

Douglas Fir

This is one of our most popular trees. It has soft dark green or blue/green needles. This tree has a lovely evergreen scent. 

Our Trees...

Canaan Fir

Similar to a balsam, the Canaan Fir is growing in popularity. It has short, soft needles and a traditional evergreen shape.

White Fir (Concolor)

Also known as a Concolor, this beautiful tree has flattened needles with a silver, blue-green color. It has excellent needle retention and a lovely citrus scent.

Norway Spruce

The Norway has short, dark green needles. It's perfect conical shape and strong, graceful branches makes it a popular choice.